Solo For Little Ukulele

This is the solo as I play it, I’ve written the chords along side the words to give you an idea of how the extra chords are being used to express the melody of the words as if you were singing it. I’ve had to space the words out so I can fit all the cords names in, make sure you’re reading this in a fixed width text editor like notepad or select all the text and choose “Courier New” as the font. If you don’t do this it will make it pretty unreadable.

I can pretty much guarantee you that George Formby did not use all these chords, he usually played simple chords but he definitely did use some of
the extra one below, especially the alternate G’s as you can clearly see in his film version of this song.

Also, I’m not musically trained and some of my chord substitutions are no doubt “wrong” in the eyes of an expert, I play by ear so if it sounds good I’ll keep it in. Most of the passing chords I use have been copied from other more proficient players than myself by sitting on the front row at concerts watching very closely and also looking at video’s on youtube! Where I’ve marked chords with a star (*) this means I couldn’t find the correct name so I used the closest I could find, the alt1 and alt2 simply stand for alternate!

Here is a list of all the chords used, the numbers after represent what fret to press for each string. From left to right is from top (nearest your face!) to bottom (nearest your shoes!). By the way, just in case you didn’t know, string number 1 is the one nearest the floor and string 4 is the one nearest you face, this is how I remember it anyway! So, A7 – 0212 is 4th string open (don’t press) 3rd string second fret, 2nd string first fret, 1st string second fret. Got it? Easy!

A7     = 0212
A7sus2 = 0210
Adim   = 0101
Bmin   = 2000
Bb7    = 1323
B7     = 0100
D      = 0003
D6     = 0000
D7     = 0001
G      = 2010
G7*    = 2310
Galt1* = 2012
Galt2* = 2013
Gb7    = 1202
E7     = 2223
Eb7    = 1112
Emin   = 2210

A7          D D6   D D6 A7   A7sus2 A7 D     D7
And with my little u-ku-lele in     my hand

       G            Galt1 Galt2  Galt1 Galt1 G   D Dmaj7 Bmin B7
I went running down the   street to    Doc - tor Brand.

Adim A7                              D
It   didn't take him long to get his little bag of tools

Eb7 E7                                                A7
I   held his hat and coat and let him have me book of rules

    D  D6  D  D6   A7      A7sus2 A7  D     D7
Out of the bedroom door he looked and smiled

         G            Galt1 Galt2 Galt1 Galt1 G   A7
He said, "Come inside and   see   your  wife  and child!"

   D     D6 D      D6   Gb7
My heart it filled with joy

        B7  D6 B7  D6 Emin
I could see it was a  boy

G7     A7                   D
For he had a ukulele in his hand

Gb7 B7
Oh  Baby!

Eb7 E7  Eb7 E7  D6   A7   A7sus2 A7  D   Bb7 A7
He  had a   u - ku - lele in     his hand!

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